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What kind of money is needed for what?
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Your support is badly needed for the parishes, schools, and scholarship students in external schools (several at university/ technical school level), as well as for transportation funds for those living at considerable distances from their parishes.

Nothing should ever be sent directly to Haiti (except as indicated below), either to individuals or to churches. Money so sent would be in danger of disappearing (as well as being unaccounted for). Goods are likely never to arrive (unless they are sent by special courier systems), and if they arrive create a major headache with customs.

Monetary contributions may be sent by check or money order or credit card details (in US$ only, please, payable upon a US bank) to: Haitian Orthodox Mission • 1180 Orthodox Way • Liberty TN 37095-4633 USA,
or via the St. John of Kronstadt Press secure website, alone or added to a book order.

Pledges of monthly support, by check or credit card (we’ll take care of the recurring processing) are of great value, as they make better planning possible.

Most supplies for the Mission are best purchased locally or from known sources, then carried as checked baggage to Haiti (but see below concerning larger shipments). If you plan a trip to Haiti yourself, please check with us for some guidance on what to take and how to make best use of your checked baggage allowance.

Clothing: We have too much! Nevertheless, selected items in new or like-new condition, especially for boys and young men (most Haitians are quite small by American standards) are welcome.

Specific items needed (this list is periodically updated):
• Laptop computer(s). I am incompetent to deal with Windows machines, but they are the most common in Haiti. Macintosh iBook or later would also be useful — at least I can help out with them!
• Digital camera(s), sufficiently modern to produce good-quality images for publication, capable of communicating with either Windows or Mac computers
• Good quality beeswax candles (Haitian candles are an abomination)
• Incense (pure frankincense does better under Haitian conditions than compounded floral types)
• Two sets of Great Feast icons (for St. Dorothy’s & St. Augustine’s), laminated and mounted on boards, about 11×14″
• Good quality chalice/diskos/asteriskos sets. What we have is “get-by”. The better quality sets were taken by priests who left for the Moscow Patriarchate
• One or more sets of ultra-lightweight priest’s vestments, washable (most of mine which I had taken to Haiti went the same way as the chalice sets), suitable for 6’3″, 185lb priest. Same for Fr. Amboise, much smaller (about 5’6″, maybe 160lb)
• Tabernacle for St. Dorothy’s, where it will now be possible to keep the reserved Holy Mysteries and Chrism.
• Epitaphion/Platchenitsa, for both parishes. We had one nice one, but it is lost to the MP.
• Musical instruments for music class at St. Augustine’s School (just about anything playable (and portable!) welcome!).

These items should be shipped by suitable carrier (special care with laptops!) to the address in Liberty given above (or, in the case of larger shipments, see below concerning direct shipments to Haiti).

Relief shipments: We have now found a practical means of making direct shipments to Haiti at reasonable cost (considerably less than the cost of excess baggage, and much less hassle). Parcels shipped by this method take about 4 weeks in transit, and so far have arrived in better shape than checked baggage. Please contact us ( for specific needs, packing guidelines, and details for shipment to Florida.