Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia Eglise Orthodoxe Russe hors Frontières

Historical Documents

1999, The First Visit

1999, Summer

1999, September

2000, April

2001, January: 2 Years Later

2001, September

2002, February

2002, Summer

2003, September

2004, April

2004, December

2005, March

2005, September

2006, January:
A Different Voice

2006, March

2006, June

2006, September:
Liturgical Workshop

2006, December: 15 Days, 5 Cities, 4 Liturgies

This collection of documents (not accessible pending site reconstruction Sept. 2015; please come again!), taken primarily from accounts printed in Living Orthodoxy, gives an overview of the background and development of The Mission from the time of Fr. Gregory’s first visit in 1999, at the request of the Synod of Bishops, through the establishment of the Mission as an administrative unit of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia, and onward until the reconstitution of the Mission following the submission of most of ROCOR to the Moscow Patriarchate. As they become “dated”, materials will be moved from the “Recent News” section to this collection of links.