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Recent News

2008, September

2008, June: Feast of St. Augustine

2008, May: Ordinations

2008, Pascha

2008, April: Food Crisis

2008, April: Benefit Evening

2008, March: Legal Status

2008, March: Update

2008, February: Visit

2008, January: Crisis Update

2007, December

2007, December: Crisis in Haiti

2007, September: Dust to School

Open Letter to St. Augustine’s

Letters of Dismisssal

2007, April: Haiti the Beloved

These links are not working during reconstruction; please be patient! Most will be moved to the “Historical Documents” page.

Expect to find here the text of recent reports from Living Orthodoxy, “flash” updates of events occurring between mission trips, translations of significant letters and e-mails from Haiti or Mission supporters, and official documents of or relating to the Mission.

“Crisis Update” is the text of an e-mail message to Mission supporters, subsequently further disseminated.

The document “2007, December” is from Living Orthodoxy #161, including some photographs (not necessarily those published in the magazine).

“Crisis in Haiti” is the text of my letter to several friends of the Mission, later widely disseminated by e-mail.

“Open Letter” is an English translation of my August 2007 letter to the faithful of St Augustine’s, subsequently forwarded to Vl. Agafangel for his ratification, which was granted.

“Letters of Dismissal” are English texts of letters to Fr. Jean & Fr. Grégoire, subsequently ratified by Vl. Agafangel.

“Haiti the Beloved” is from Living Orthodoxy #158.