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St. Nicholas School

Established before my appointment as administrator of the Mission, St. Nicholas School (unlike St. Augustine’s) is an “associated” school of the Mission, the personal undertaking of Fr. Amboise. It is located adjacent to the Foyer of St. Mary of Egypt and St. Dorothy’s Chapel at LaPlaine, Port-au-Prince. One of the “little schools” of the country, it provides primary education (four classes) and an adult literacy program.

The school’s roof (never very good) and most of its contents were destroyed by the three hurricanes which battered Haiti at the end of August and early September 2008. While temporary provisions have been made to enable the school to function, it is desperately in need of a good permanent roof. Since it does not, properly speaking, “belong” to the Mission, general Mission funds cannot be used to cover the cost (estimated $5,000 Sept. 08, and rising evrey day) of the badly needed roof. For this, we need “earmarked” funds. Please pray about it!